Monday, March 02, 2020


I woke up excited and still can't focus on my to-do list - all the things that have to be done before I fly to Colorado tomorrow to see the family.

photo by Isaac

And guess what - it's bright and sunny and there is no wind and it's a Monday morning so the Trail will be quiet and I'll be sitting down for 19 hours tomorrow...No! I mustn't be lured away from the jobs in hand.

I started by wrapping up some presents for the family. One of these was a book which I'd only dipped into, and I was lounging on the sofa reading it, when Dave came in and said 'Are you ready? What time do I need to drop you off tomorrow?' and I looked at the clock and saw - Arrgh its time to check in, before all the good seats get taken. All done now. Phew.

On Friday I went to Bakewell for anti-bacterial hand gel. They'd sold out, so I tried online. None would arrive before today. Thankfully, Zoe snapped me some up in Sheffield. I have anti-bacterial wipes too. I don't have a face mask. Should I have one? 
'Dave - would you be wearing a face mask tomorrow?'
'I wouldn't be going.'
'Imagine that you were.
'I'd have cancelled my flight.'
'Just pretend you were going and you hadn't cancelled your flight...would you be wearing a face mask?'
'Yes. They might have sold out at Heathrow, though. Do you want to have one of mine - one I wear for working in the shed?'

We haven't had the conversation yet that goes - 'If I die while you're out in Colorado, don't cut your trip short. Stay there and enjoy your holiday. Next door will look after the cadaver till you get back.' I expect that comment tonight when we're having our last game of Scrabble. You can't keep a good Aspie down.


Helen said...

How exciting, have a great time - and hope you win your Aspie Bingo later.

PS Dr Hilary Jones on Radio 2 this afternoon effectively said face masks aren't worth the paper they're made of

Sue Hepworth said...

That’s very helpful, Helen. There is so much conflicting information about them.