Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Phew! Day 11

Phew! I am still allowed to go out on my bike! Thank goodness. Dave and I waited anxiously for the PM's announcement last night and when we heard that going out for exercise was allowed, we relaxed. I would have got out the champagne if we'd had any and Dave would have had a celebratory yoghurt, if he hadn't been eking out his last few cartons. 

The biggest life change for Dave in these extraordinary times is his inability to source enough low fat natural yoghurt so he can eat 6 family sized cartons a day. That has been his usual intake for the last ten years. He has not whined at the loss, and that's impressive. I take my cycling helmet off to him. 

I've always said he is the person I'd be happiest to be stranded on a desert island with, and after 50 years of marriage, I am not changing my mind. 

We're both keeping busy. Dave is painting the doors and window frames outside.  I hope we bought enough paint. 

Yesterday I finished my latest painting (you know I'm a beginner, right?) which I am going to show you because I like it, whatever anyone thinks about it. It has such a rich texture. It's called Nebula.

And I finished knitting a dress (my design) for a poor naked doll that someone donated for the toy box on our Bakewell churches refugee hospitality days. I guess it will be next year before we can start those again. I'm sad about that.

Dave and I were just having a chat about conserving diesel for essential trips, because who knows what's going to happen next. Dave had been planning to give up driving this summer, because he thinks old people on the roads are a liability. This morning, though, he changed his mind: 'I don't think I'll give up while the virus is around. Who knows? If you're dead and beginning to decompose I might need to move you.' 

Aspies - you've got to love them.


Anonymous said...

That made me giggle - have you/ Dave considered making your own yoghurt - its very easy - google Jenetta

Kristine said...

I like the proposed title of your new novel. Did you know it is a line in a Philip Larkin poem, "Days".
Best wishes in these extraordinary times.

Sue Hepworth said...

Hi Jenetta
Thanks for the yoghurt suggestion, but the yogaholic doesn’t like homemade yoghurt. 😟

Sue Hepworth said...

Hi Kristine, yes I did know - it is one of my favourite poems. That’s why when Dave suggested it, it was love at first sight. I have been tossing ideas of titles around for months! This is it, now.
Best wishes to you, too. Thank you for commenting,

Sue Hepworth said...

Oh, forgot t9 say....it is not a novel.