Monday, March 23, 2020

Self isolation day 10

Millions of people are anxious and upset and I understand why and sympathise. But friends have told me - including some of you, dear readers - that it's OK for me to be cheerful on here. Long time readers know full well I've been miserable in the past far too often. And I tell myself I should not feel guilty for staying away from everyone but Dave and feeling OK about it: I am staying well, and being responsible and not clogging up emergency beds in the NHS.

Yesterday - Sunday - self-isolation day 10, was a good day. It was sunny, the daffodils in the garden looked fabulous, and I had a solo Quaker meeting at home in my study. 

Bakewell Quaker Meeting is currently closed - on government advice - and many of us in the Meeting are having 'Meetings' at home alone. We sit in silence from 10.30 - 11.30, as we would in normal times, except that in normal times there is spoken ministry, and then we get together via Zoom for an after Meeting chat. It was very cheering yesterday to see Friends' faces and hear their voices: I did get a sense of community. We're going to do it every week. 

I went out for a bike ride and managed to get all the way up my nearest hill without stopping - this is the hill that Jane (in Even When They Know Youcycles up alongside a bunch of young men on bikes. This is the hill where the Highland cattle live:

Yesterday, there was a cheerful group of young women on bikes, who sounded like young mums on a Mother's Day outing. They complimented me on my stamina because I'd passed them on the flat and they'd taken ages to catch me up and pass me on the hill. Before I could stop myself, I responded 'Baby boomers rock! But I'm staying at home when I'm not on my bike.' Oh dear...I embarrass myself.

When I got home the Waitrose home delivery guy was leaving bags of food on our doorstep. I had tried other supermarkets last Monday and Waitrose was the only one I managed to book a slot with. There's been no luck with anyone since. I've been trying to book our next home delivery with Sainsbury's at every hour of day and night and not been able to. Today they're supposed to be giving priority to vulnerable and older people, but so far on the website there's no sign of any change.

We're fine for now. We have fresh fruit!!!!!!  Come Christmas, kids will again be over the moon to get that tangerine at the bottom of their stockings. I'm beginning to understand what rationing felt like during the war. Currently, I would kill for a leek.

The day ended perfectly with Dave coming up with the title of my new book, which I hope will be out in a couple of weeks. We'd finished the Scrabble game and I wouldn't let him slope off upstairs until we'd had a brainstorming session on titles. 

I'd been considering Quirky and Quiet and my sister had said - 'Yes, but I think you need another Q word as well.' So I asked Dave and he came up with Quintessential.

I said - 'Yes, nice word, but I think it's too long. it has too many syllables. Can you think of another word beginning with Q?'


This, dear friends, is a perfect example of someone with Aspergers not taking a question in context. He was not joking. He did realise and laugh as soon as i protested, but still, these are one of the tiny glitches in normal responses that people who live with Aspies get used to.

But then there is the genius of Aspies....after ten minutes, he found me my title:    DAYS ARE WHERE WE LIVE.  

I hope you can enjoy the sunshine today. 
Over and out.


marmee said...

Oh I knew that poem years and years ago! So happy to have it come into my life again! Beautiful autumn days this side, crisp air and sparkling ocean. I am being pollyannish and being consciously grateful for my health TODAY

Sue Hepworth said...