Saturday, November 21, 2020

Where the HUGS card came from

It's been wonderful this week to have a practical project to get my teeth into that is doing something positive for refugees. Folding and packing my Hugs cards while listening to Billie Holiday was just the ticket to combat the louring grey skies.

I first started drawing hugs in August:

I'd been missing my family and looking at photographs of them and finding myself homing in on the photos with hugs, such as this one:

and this one:

This is where I'd got to by September 2nd.

I carried on trying various hugs, different colours, and different arrangements, and then when I'd got the design to my liking, I tried various treatments e.g. having a colour wash behind the lines. I also tried altering the emphasis of the lines to introduce depth into the design, but I quickly realised that that wasn't what I wanted. I wanted a design in one plane. and this is where I ended up:

Everyone who is in it is in my family or extended family. I am in it twice, and so is my daughter-in-law, the lovely Jaine (with different hairstyles) not because we are more important, obviously, but because those specific hugs worked best.

So there you have it: Hugs.

If you'd like to buy some Hugs cards, follow this link.

Every penny you pay goes to the work of the charity, Help Refugees, because I am paying printing and postage costs.

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