Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Christmas plans at Hepworth Towers

Have you decided yet what you'll be doing at Christmas?

At Hepworth Towers it is technically a year for an ON Christmas, but we'd already decided that no matter what the "government" (quotes intended) said, for us it would be OFF. I yearn to spend warm family time with all the chundies, but as most of them are out in the world of work and school, we don't think it would be wise. It looks as though Christmas cake in the garden will have to suffice. 

Dave knows what a loss it will be for me not having them all sitting round my Christmas table and later playing games, and he's determined to do what he can to cheer things along....

"We'll banish the virus and pack you full of fattening food and have you lying on the sofa surrounded by all kinds of Christmas gewgaws and Yuletide trinkets."

Er, thanks, Dave. Not quite what I...

He has also been making Christmas decorations from scraps he's found in the shed and hanging them up - already.

If you're new to the blog, you won't realise how revolutionary - or downright sweet - his behaviour is. This man LOATHES Christmas. 

Last night we heard Joan Bakewell talking about a family using a huge plastic sheet to throw over family members so they could have a hug and I said - "Ooh, ooh, that's what I want for Christmas - a shower curtain!"

Dave: "I think I've got some damp-proof membrane in the shed."

Me: "That thick blue stuff?"

Dave: "Yes, it's just the ticket."

Me: "I want to see them, you fool!"

Cece (8) Colorado techno queen has been deputed to set up a family zoom, and I need to persuade all the introverted Hepworths to join in - just for me.

Whatever happens, we'll be fine. The rigours of so many past OFF Christmases have taught me well. And there's a vaccine coming. Yippee!

Plus, we live in a beautiful place. 

Look at last evening's sky. 

I just want to point out that the HUGS cards I'm selling in aid of the charity Help Refugees are NOT Christmas cards. They are blank inside. 

If you'd like to buy some, follow this link.

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