Thursday, December 17, 2020

Sun amongst the gloom

Liz and I have been going for socially distanced walks since the first lockdown ended. Was that May? It's all a blur.

We've been up on Stanton Moor more than once, and visited the Nine Ladies Stone Circle. This was on our May visit:

This is what it looked like on Tuesday afternoon when the sun was going down:

We were up on the moor for a Christmas picnic. Usually we go to Hassop Station for Christmas lunch - just the two of us. We have crackers and wear paper hats and eat too much. This year we didn't fancy the crowds at Hassop Station, even if they were outside. 

We had delicious warm flan, Christmas cake, satsumas and mulled wine, kept warm in a flask. Here's Liz:

And me, holding out a cracker to be pulled:

and reading the joke:

We were SO lucky to have sunshine, and we enjoyed it so much we're going to do it next year, as well as going to Hassop Station.

There's fun to be had, despite everything. But sunshine certainly helps.


Sally said...

I was there today, another sunny one! Less mud than much of the countryside at this time of year plus fab views. I like the sound of your festive picnic.🎄👑🍷🎉

Sue Hepworth said...

We really enjoyed it, Sally.
Stanton Moor is very special when it's quiet.

Sally said...

Yes it is, I like to visit in all seasons & most weather!