Friday, December 18, 2020


I am sad not to be hosting the family this year for what should be an ON Christmas, but the rigours of the last 20 years in which we have alternated ON Christmases with OFF Christmases has meant I am used to doing without.

Even so, Dave, the man who hates Christmas, has taken it upon himself to be chief-cheerer-upper. He has been making Christmas decorations since November, almost all of them made with scraps from the shed.

Note, for example, the copper piping ring at the top of this one:

And the old bicycle rim he used for this one:

Then there are the two giant snowflakes, 18 inches across, one on the mirror:

And one on the stairs:

and lastly, here's my 'Christmas card' on the left hand side of the bedroom windowsill, sitting next to last year's 'card':

He's a large Christmas elf, who every time I meet him en route from the shed to the yoghurt, says: "I hope you've noticed that my celebratory circuits are pumped up to thermo-nuclear!"

He's a sweetie, you can't get away from it.


Christine O said...

These are stunning. I love every single one. Dave is so talented as well as being ‘a sweetie’. I miss seeing you both x

Sue Hepworth said...

I miss seeing you too, Chris.

Sally said...

Fabulous decorations from Dave, look better than many in my expensive local crafty/gifty shop! Your view is stunning 😍