Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Update from Hepworth Towers

How are you? 

Have you recovered from Saturday's shock news? Have you managed to readjust your Christmas plans?

Despite the fact that nothing has changed for us, the air was blue here all Saturday night, and well into Sunday. How did we get landed with the most shambolic and inadequate UK government in living memory? Don't get me wrong: I think that there should have been severe restrictions on Christmas mixing. I just think that it should all have been decided weeks ago. I feel so sorry for those people whose hopes have been dashed at this late stage.

The faux OFF Christmas is progressing nicely here. We brought in the tree from the garden at the weekend. It's really grown in 4 years and is looking very perky.

On Sunday I was bemoaning the fact that we have no cheesy Christmas albums to listen to while I decorated the tree, so Dave moved Alexa from the kitchen to the sitting room and then he stayed and kept me company. This is revolutionary behaviour on two counts. One, he detests Alexa and has her switched off when I am not using her, and two, usually on hearing Bing Crosby crooning White Christmas, he would mutter expletives and rush to his study upstairs. 

This year he has been pursuing his cheer-Sue-up-for-Christmas agenda faultlessly. When I'd finished the tree and stopped using Alexa, he tried to get her to read him some Catullus. When she didn't know what he was talking about he was not impressed.

Today we are promised sunshine so I am going for a walk up high with Liz. 

Here's a photo of Stanton Moor I took last week, late in the afternoon. I love the delicate tracery of the silver birches against the sky:

Yesterday I came across this 2 minute video on the BBC news website on how to look after your physical and emotional well being during the pandemic. I found the bit about Control very helpful.

I wish you a good day - we have to take them one at a time, don't we?

'Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.'

How true that is right now.

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