Saturday, December 05, 2020

The winner

And the winner of the Christmas Quiz is Anita! She correctly guessed that the thing I laugh at every single time I watch Victoria Wood's parody of Brief Encounter is the bit where she is sharing a mince pie, but it's been so long since she's had one she's forgotten how to eat it, misses her mouth and puts it straight in her eye.

But there are so many lines in that sketch that are wonderful... 

'I'd gone into Wilverton as usual, to change my library book and order a coconut'

'I have a nice tin of orange pekoe I keep for the middle classes'

I much prefer the parody to the film. 

In other news... after wrestling with the damn quilt on and off for five days, I finally finished it yesterday. There are so many imperfections in the final assembly of the patchwork, wadding and backing that I am going to embroider on the back - Cobbled together in a pandemic, merely for the joy of colour.

It reminds me of that quote 'I myself am made entirely of flaws, stitched together with good intentions.'

When I was working on the Hugs drawing and could not get it exactly as I wanted it, I got so fed up that I decided to live with the imperfections. And now I am glad I did. I had 440 for sale and have only 20 left. As Dave is always telling me: 'Perfection may be our aim, but we must learn to tolerate excellence.'

And here it is - ta da! - the loudest quilt in the world:

It really does brighten up a dark December morning:

Dave just pointed out that if he had made the quilt and given it to me as a surprise, I would have hated it. It's so true and is an utter mystery.

Here's another of Dave's sayings that is apposite:

Das kann man tun, erleiden kann man’s nicht     from Friedrich Hebbel’s play Herodes und Mariamne.

The gist is: You can do that, but you can't tolerate being forced to do it.

It's reet good living with someone who's cultured.

We have snow here this morning, but not enough to make it fun. But it's a change, and as such is very welcome. 

Wishing you all a good day, whatever you're up to and wherever you are.


Anonymous said...

Your quilt is determinedly joyous - matches the lights in the header.

It’s a conundrum isn’t it. Asked to take the role of ourself in a play, we’d likely freeze!

And I’m with you on farce for entertainment (instead of government.)
Works every time.

Thea xx

marmee said...

Oh sue, I so needed that bit about being stitched together with good intentions! It's been that sort of week for me.

Anonymous said...

Had picked the orange pekoe tea comment as you favourite. I think I remember you too are very particular about your tea
Have to confess I have a soft spot for the original movie!! Maybe it’s the Rachmaninov

Anonymous said...

What was I thinking? The quilt is a wonder and the quotation one for the commonplace book The tree illuminated in your bedroom is splendid

Sue Hepworth said...

Thank you, dear friends, for all your comments.

Thea..yes, re the so called government. They are so crap in so many ways, I could waste all my blog posts railing against them, but I’d rather be using the space for other thoughts.

Marmee, I hope the coming week will be better for you.

Ana, I agree the Rachmaninov is wonderful, but I cannot unfortunately get past the cut glass accents. I fully appreciate that others like the film, and that it’s poignant, but it’s just not for me. My film classic favourite in that genre is Casablanca.