Monday, February 08, 2021

Catch up


I'm back.

I attacked the sinus head jelly on several fronts and by Friday I could no longer be mistaken for Julie Walters in the Two Soups sketch.

So I went for a walk above Chatsworth with Liz.

Photo by Liz

It was lovely.

Then in the afternoon I went to Bakewell for my vaccination. That night I got just two hours sleep before I woke up with chills. Two hours later I had a fever which lasted hours. Then came panting, and I was thinking 'If this is what you get from the vaccination I really don't want Covid.' 

Dave looked at me in the morning light and said "It's times like this when I wish we'd bought the coffins."

Fit for nothing I stayed in bed all day, thinking - Why do I have to always be the wuss? But my friend Het, who'd also had the jab on Friday down in Cornwall, and who at that time seemed OK, said "I think your reaction is probably the healthier one." So I did some research and found that older people with high levels of physical exercise or physical activity are more likely to have greater antibody responses to a vaccination. Yes! Kudos to me! 

(Het developed symptoms later and had a day when she was fit to do nothing but sit on the sofa.)

I'm OK now, I think. I'm going to vacuum and then get on with my current painting. 

As Jenetta (blog reader) wanted to see pictures of food we make at Hepworth Towers, here is Dave making oatcakes:

I hope you have a good week, dear friends, snow or no snow.


Sally said...

You've had the jab - fantastic news!🎉🎉🎉 A step towards some sort of normality. Interesting to read a first hand account of side effects.
Oatcakes look yummy 😋 Sally xx

Sue Hepworth said...

Yes indeed, Sally! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
In the interests of accurate reportage, after a busy morning, I am exhausted and back in bed, reading. So you can add fatigue to my personal list of side effects. Xx

Sally said...

Hope you've got your mojo back now. In bed with a good book might be the best place to be, it's blooming freezing today! At least you can count on Dave's sense of humour! So wonderful that vaccines have been developed & we're fortunate enough to live in a country that's delivering them quickly... xx

Sue Hepworth said...

Got up, did a bit more painting and then decided I really should get some fresh air so got all togged up, went out, got as far as the neighbours and then came home. It was too cold!
What makes you think Dave was joking?
Yes, it is wonderful that vaccines have been developed. And we are lucky in that. I wish they would give them according to the manufacturers directions, though.

Sue Hepworth said...

I am NOT complaining about the side effects. I am merely reporting.

Anita said...

Great news on getting the vaccine Sue. I’m in the next group down so I’ll prepare myself on what to expect. Thanks for the link - couldn’t resist watching ‘two soups’ again x

Anonymous said...

So glad for you being vaccinated dear Sue. Sympathy for your debilitating reaction to it. A favourite saying of my husband is that no good deed goes unpunished In this case your disciplined and passionate approach to fitness!!! But it’s good news that you are protected and that you are able to enjoy such an active life in your beautiful corner of the world

Sue Hepworth said...

Hello, Anita and Ana. Yes it’s great news, and I am so lucky to live here, where going outside for exercise is a pleasure,