Saturday, May 15, 2021

Home to destruction

I had a wonderful time in Northumberland and the change has given me a new perspective after the shut-in, day-to-day routine of this last Covid year. I had planned to show you some photographs of the beautiful coastline, but I don't have the heart for it because of the news from Palestine.

I wrote extensively on the blog in January 2009 and in August 2014  - for days at a time - about previous onslaughts on Gaza. There are links on the archives. Now, in addition to the stealing of Palestinian homes in the West Bank, and the racist thugs at work, there is another cruel onslaught on Gaza, which will result in more motherless children like these:

More homes destroyed like these:

Be aware that Israeli violence towards Palestinians goes on ALL THE TIME.

B’Tselem, the Israeli human rights centre, gives details and statistics about the everyday oppression of the Palestinian people.


Make yourself aware of the basic causes of this conflict. Then explain to other people what is going on and why.

This short animation made by Jewish Voice for Peace is moderate, straightforward and clear. It explains the roots of the conflict very well, but not the flashpoints this year.

Don’t rely on the BBC to give you a balanced view. Channel 4 News is better.


Giving money to a charity working in Gaza.

e.g. Medical Aid for Palestinians is a British charity already working in Gaza.

Emailing your government to make a stand.

Did you know that the UK sells arms to Israel? – ask the government to embargo these sales.

Ask them to put pressure on Israel to end the conflict and the theft of Palestinian homes and land, and an end to the illegal building of Israeli settlements on occupied land.

Demonstrating wherever you can.

Whichever country you live in, there will be a demonstration about the war on Gaza and the treatment of the Palestinians. 

Boycotting Israeli goods 

This is a well established movement. BDS explains what you can do. Here.

Don’t forget about the Palestinians when this current crisis is over. They will still be there, oppressed and suffering and their need will be even greater.

Thank you.

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marmee said...

So glad you had a good break, a breather at a place you love. yes sue, I too have been heartsore at the latest violence visited on the gaza strip. I live near an informal settlement and I often try to imagine what it would be like to be there and be told to "take shelter" or "evacuate a building" if like in Gaza you could not actually leave! I have the tiny relief that my government at least calls it what it is: crimes against humanity but sadly it has no power unlike Europe , the UK and the USA.