Monday, May 17, 2021


I have been blogging for 15 years, but lately I've been dithering about giving it up. This is because I don't feel I have anything fresh to say. Every time I think of a post, I realise I have already blogged about the subject.

There is too much to say about our appalling UK politics, but I don't want to make this a political blog. 

There is also much to say about Israeli apartheid and the current cruel bombardment of civilians living in the open air prison of Gaza. But I don't want to blog about that either.

I want to be quiet with my own thoughts for a while.

Also, I need to do do some extensive blobbing.

In March 2014 I wrote a post called 'Goodbye to the Blog'  when I was not sure if I would be coming back. Three months later I returned, and have been blogging ever since.

I have no idea if this intermission will be for a month, a year, or for longer. I will still be on Twitter @suehepworth where I will signal any new blog posts, but you could also check in to once in a while. I am also on Instagram where I post paintings and photographs. And of course, there will always be the best of the blog in DAYS ARE WHERE WE LIVE.

I will miss you. Thank you for your loyalty, comments and suggestions, your support, encouragement, and sympathy. Having written that last sentence I'm thinking 'Do I really want to say that this is the end?' because I really will miss you. That is why I am leaving the future of the blog uncertain. 

And as an envoi, here are some photographs from my recent wonderful break in Northumberland:

Me, overawed by the colours

Dunstanburgh Castle - my favourite castle

Not Northumberland, but St Abbs in Scotland

St Abbs coastal walk

St Abbs coastal walk

View from Holy Island 

Holy Island harbour

Wall on Holy Island

A proud moment, even if my feet were killing me

The ultimate blob

So this is goodbye. But I am not leaving without posting one last petition calling on the UK government to impose sanctions on Israel.

Good bye dear friends.

Stay healthy, stay cheerful, and try to be kind.


Sally said...

Morning Sue,I will miss your Blog,it always brightened my day. Hope it's a break not the end...
Lovely photos, Northumberland is beautiful. I will follow you where I can. Sally x

Unknown said...

Hi Sue,

Enjoy blobbing for as long as you need to. I love reading your blog and hope you'll be back when you're ready. Shafia x

Anonymous said...

Your regular readers will undoubtedly miss your blog Sue - but I'm sure will also completely understand the need for a rest, however long it takes.

Most of us tune in for a little slice of you - what you're thinking, doing, feeling - not for 'fresh' so much as familiarly 'Sue' perspectives. We've loved hearing about the sweet peas, the sunrise, the family, and yes your reaction to the horror of politics and oppression.

You will be missed - and gratefully welcomed back if you should have a new burst of enthusiasm for blooging.
In the meantime, Thank You for those fifteen years' of warmth and entertainment.

Now, where is my copy of 'Days are where we live'...

Thea xx

Sue Hepworth said...

Dear Sally, Shafia and Thea - thank you for your very sweet comments, and your understanding. xxx

Kristine said...

Hi Sue,
I just needed to say many, many thanks for all the joy you have given over the last few years that I have been following your blog. It has been lovely to watch your interactions with family and friends, to follow you in your walks in the garden and the countryside, to see your quilts and paintings .... so much I am going to miss. It has also been comforting to hear a sane (yes, sane) voice on so much of the horror that is going on in the world at the moment.
I can understand your need to re-focus and get rid of the pressure of blogging. So take all the time you need, but come back when you feel better in yourself, when the world is back to normal, and you feel you have lots of lovely things to share again.
With love,

Anonymous said...

Dear Sue

You sound as though you have flat batteries which will take a while to recharge. Lovely to see pics of your holiday. Yeah!
So Sue hepworth's blog changes to Sue Hepworth's blob.
We will miss you, especially news of you and Dave and the family and Cece and Lux's latest. And the lovely paintings and photos.

You will probably find out in retrospect a few years on that your blog with all its struggles has been an important authentic record of a very difficult time.
Thank you for the many many innumerable hours you have spent with us, sharing poems and books and walks and cowslips and sharing the delightful YOU.
Much love
Jan xxx

Lois said...

Hope you return some day and in the mean time many thanks for your entertaining posts to date. Hope you have lots of lovely creative time to yourself. x

Sue Hepworth said...

Dear Kristine, Jan and Lois - thank you for your lovely comments and good wishes. xxx

Anonymous said...

Authentic -a word used by Jan, a very good way to describe your blog. Comforting, familiar and also challenging. I’m sad but not surprised. Hope you get refreshed and fired up again, but should you not thats ok too. Not used instagram yet - a very good reason to try it. Tiktok next?

Thank you and also Dave.


Sue Hepworth said...

Thank you for your good wishes, Jenetta. x