Friday, June 18, 2021

Breaking news and riverside walk

I live such a quiet life these days that this is the only news from Hepworth Towers: after 35 years I have given up on Neighbours.

I have told you about why I liked this soapy soap on the blog before - here, for example.

It was 20 minutes of the day - usually late afternoon -  when I could switch off and relax. But I can't relax with it any more because there are so many characters I find so irritating I want to throw things at the screen, the plots are so circular and repetitive and boring, and the dastardly antics of the resident villain Paul Robinson (my favourite character) have been reduced to petty family meddling. Or has it always been like that and I have finally, at 71, grown up - culture wise?

I realised I needed something to fill the gap and turned to watching Last Tango in Halifax again on BBCiplayer. I intended to watch it in 20 minute bursts, but it is so good that yesterday it slipped into a whole hour-long episode. And last night I dreamed I was acting in it and discussing with a fellow actor why the script felt so natural - was it because it was written by a northern writer and set in the north? 

This quote creased me up yesterday...

[Alan and Gillian are looking at one of Alan's old school photographs]

[wistfully] He's dead... And he's dead... She died... He went down south.

Anyway, that is the news.

But so many of you commented on the photo walk I put on the blog last post that I did another.

And if you want to do it too, cycle up the Monsal Trail from Bakewell or Hassop to Miller's Dale Station. Or you could drive and park at Miller's Dale station. Head north east along the Trail towards Buxton and stop at the first bridge over the river you come to. Lock up your bike and head down the steps to the river.

Turn right at the bottom of the steps. You could turn left - and it's lovely - but the path only goes for half a mile in that direction till you get to the road. 

So, turn right and walk as far as you like. It's best to do it when there has not been torrential rain because in some places that makes the path dicey or even impassable. 

Because I have already ridden there and don't want to be out all day I don't go far before I stop.

I stop at the first bridge

and sit on the bridge and drink my coffee.

This has been my magic place this week where nothing can touch me. 



marmee said...

Hi! Last Tango in Halifax has been a great favourite chez moi and now waiting for the new season of atypical! Love that pic with beautiful water and I think a cup of tea?

Sue Hepworth said...

I love Atypical too, Marmee, but I thought the last episode of the last series was such a perfect ending, I was dubious about more episodes. I’ll be watching, though!
No - not tea but coffee.