Tuesday, November 16, 2021


I am having the best holiday I have had in years and it’s hard to make myself blog.

It’s not just the bliss of being with my faraway family after so many months apart, it’s also being in a different world from Hepworth Towers. And incidentally a world that feels safer than at home: there is a mask mandate for public indoor spaces in Boulder.

It’s so refreshing…

Different conversational topics

Different food - which I am not cooking! 😊 

Different sights and different bike rides 

Photo by Isaac

Different telly (finally I get the chance to watch Ted Lasso and the Amazing Mrs Maizel) 

Different bookshop

Different grasses  

Different views

Different climate. Today it is 17 degrees - whoopee! (This is strange, though…in another November there could be heavy snow)

Different cafes 

Photo by Isaac

It’s going to be a wrench to come home next week.


Sally said...

Hi Sue, So happy to hear that you're having a wonderful holiday seeing your family. Lovely photos, that coffee ☕ is just sooo American - huge! πŸ˜‚ Sally x

Anonymous said...

We are so glad you made the time to send your readers these updates and the photos. We are living the possibility of long distance travel vicariously and the delights of being with much missed family. Agree with Sally, re the large coffees!
Thanks Sue so very much
Ana x

Unknown said...

We love our large lattes a latte. LRH

marmee said...

That sounds wonderful!! And you look so well on it! And yes, nice to share in all the pleasure!

Anonymous said...

This is such a joy to read - so happy for you. Bottle it ! - (although I suppose this blog is part of the holding on and remembering, preserving it for the lean months , also the many many more photos I imagine you will have taken) but then there is the conflict between: living in the moment vs recording it to remember later ….? Meanwhile I hope Dave is doing well. Sending much love to all and thank you for sharing the joy Jenetta

Sue Hepworth said...

You’re all so sweet to me.
And Dave loves having two weeks on his own…able to play the electric guitar at half past five in the morning, if he wants to.