Saturday, November 20, 2021

Making memories

 We have watched both versions of The Parent Trap in the last week - the original one, starring Hayley Mills, and the remake with Lindsay Lohan. I loved them both. I shall be sad when the girls grow up and there is no one to watch kids’ films with any more.

As for the versions, the girls and Wendy preferred the original, Isaac the remake, and I am havering. If you took Dennis Quaid (the dad in the remake) and the luminous Natasha Richardson out of the equation I’d choose the original. 

There’s a line that stands out in both films as far as my current predicament is concerned….the bit where Hallie (or Susan) sniffs her grandfather’s jacket and explains to him she is making memories. 

“Years from now, when I’m all grown up, I’ll remember my grandfather and how he always smelled of peppermints and pipe tobacco.”

It’s been so wonderful to be here after these difficult and dreary pandemic months, and who knows what the future holds? Covid has, I hope, taught me not rely on anything and to make the most of every experience, and I am soaking up every detail of life here to take home with me. I hope to be back in March, but nothing is certain, is it?

Photo by Isaac

Photo by Isaac

Photo by Isaac

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Anonymous said...

Isaac takes a fine portrait Enjoying your reflections on your visit and feeling your emotions about the contingent nature of our lives in these times. Always has been , but with Covid the focus is sharper isn’t it. It is so good to see the photos of your visit highlights
Ana x