Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Thinking about something else

Although I suffered a bout of despair last Thursday afternoon, when I threw myself down on the bed and covered my head with the pillow for half an hour, this week I'm strangely not brought down by the utter crapness of the people "in charge."  Yes, they're beyond the very worst word you can come up with; but I've been thinking about other things, such as reading memoirs from the home front in WW2, and painting.

I've just finished this one of the Colorado landscape:

Colorado colours
Acrylics on canvas board. 25 by 37 cms

and decided that next I want to paint a snapshot of something around the house. Technically it would be a still life, but I have a personal horror of posed, artificial still-life paintings, however exquisite the painting. I was mulling this over and decided I should look again at one of my favourite paintings which oddly, happens to be a still life. It's called The Red Chair and it's by Cadell.

And I realised that it must be posed, because no-one would leave a tablecloth draped over a table like that with a lemon and a book resting on it, so I should get over my 'horror'...unless perhaps they were in the middle of clearing up and the phone rang...

Anyway...every morning when I sit in bed eating breakfast, I think how much I love my patchwork quilt that I made last year, so yesterday I spent half an hour taking photographs of the tray on the quilt to see if I could come up with a composition I liked.

I must have taken 30 photographs in all, and in the end I decided I didn't like any of them. Here are 20.

Then I realised that I love the quilt itself, so why not just paint that? I did one of the quilt in January:

The landscape of my bed.
Acrylics on canvas board. 37 by 55 cms

but why not paint another? This one could be in a different style. So that's what I'm up to.

In between times I am seeing no-one but Dave, and I'm hoping that 
Zoë and family don't test positive before Christmas Day when I am due to be with them.

Fingers crossed for you all, too - that your Christmas is as happy as possible in these deep dark times.


Unknown said...

Dearest Sue,
The Colorado piece is stunning! It’s a remarkable piece and takes me right back to that day in the sunshine.
Can’t wait to see what comes of the next piece.

Sue Hepworth said...

Thank you!