Thursday, March 31, 2022

Changed plans

I should have been flying home today but British Airways cancelled one of my flights and the alternative journey they proposed was interminable and insupportable. So thanks to the hospitality/love of Wendy and Isaac I’m staying another three days, and will have - I hope - a tolerable journey home.

Also, I was supposed to be going on Cece’s class trip to the Boulder Museum this morning early, but I woke up dizzy and I cried off. I think my problem is merely blocked sinuses but I decided that a dizzy 72-year-old and a class of excited nine-year-olds were not a good combination.

So instead I’ve been sitting in the sunshine on the front porch reading A Town Called Solace.

I have loved it. I recommend it heartily. Years ago I read and enjoyed Mary Lawson’s earlier books Crow Lake,  and The Other Side of the Bridge. But I think I like this one best.

One of the characters is an old woman who is dying in hospital. I’d pegged her age at mid 80s but it turns out she is 72, the same age as me. It made me ponder. Do I sound like her? Does she sound older because she is ill? Has the author got her voice wrong? Am I a bad judge? Who knows? It doesn’t matter: the book is terrific. 

Today’s photos are of Frisco, a small town where we called in for lunch on the way down from the mountains at the weekend.

Photo by Isaac

Photo by Isaac

Today’s poem from ‘Good Poems for Hard Times’ made me smile:


marmee said...

Glad you have been gifted with three more days in Boulder! Yes thanks, the poem made me laugh out loud ! I am going to try that Mary lawson , have not read her for years and years

Christine said...

That poem is a hoot!

Sue Hepworth said...

So glad you like the poem, Marmee and Christine!

This anthology has some surprising things in it and ranges from Shakespeare to Robert Frost to Edna St. Vincent Millay to Gavin Ewart to Wendy Cope to Adrian Henri to Billy Collins.