Saturday, April 02, 2022


 Isaac is in the basement having a workout. Wendy and Cece are at a clothes swap.  Lux has cycled to meet friends to decorate the yard of another friend with welcome back signs, as this friend has just returned from three months travel with her family.

I am sitting in the sunshine resolving not to take the same route to Boulder as I’ve taken the last 12 trips. BA have cancelled my connecting flight again! For some reason they don’t consider the afternoon flight from Heathrow to Manchester worth saving. Pah!  I’ll fly with someone else next time on a different route. They’ve lost me, the rats.

I now have my first ever E rail ticket in my thus far empty Apple wallet, plus my first ever digital Railcard. As I waded through all the forms and passwords and checkboxes online, I said to Isaac (sitting next to me, providing back up confidence) “This is good for my brain cells, isn’t it?

It’s fabulously sunny here this Saturday lunchtime, and there are three hyacinths flowering in Wendy‘s garden. But the grass is not yet green and although there are buds on the trees, I’ve seen no leaves. It’ll be a wrench to leave the family tomorrow, but I’ll be pleased to see Dave, my daffodils, green fields and lambs, blackthorn blossom and hawthorn leaves.

Yesterday Wendy and I cycled into town to an art exhibition. It was thought-provoking, and I saw something I want to try when I get home.

Afterwards we went to the Tea House where Wendy treated me to sparkling wine PLUS a hibiscus refresher – another new thing for me and my brain cells – but also for my enjoyment.


Jane said...

Manchester Airport is having a very difficult time at the moment with over-crowding and under-staffing. Maybe that is why BA are cancelling flights there?! Have a safe flight home eventually! xx

Sue Hepworth said...

Thanks, Jane. xx