Monday, March 28, 2022


A blog post is long past due and I’m sorry. I don’t know why I haven’t been posting while I have been away this time. I am living off the fat of the land and doing new things but somehow to show you photos and talk about it has felt as if it would be a lame recounting of holiday stories. And I don’t want the blog to be lame. Nor do I want to blog about politics when you will all be able to guess what I think about what’s going on in the U.K. at present.

So…how to blog?

The girls are as fabulous as ever.

Wendy and Isaac are as welcoming: they spoil me rotten.

I’ve done a lot of sitting in the sunshine and thinking. 

Sign outside a Boulder gallery

I’ve bought a pile of books from the Boulder Bookstore.

I’ve had every kind of weather - from snow and ice to rain and cold to wild winds to sunbathing weather. The Boulder climate is WEIRD. 

I’ve had some new kinds of food:

We’ve been to a wildlife sanctuary out on the Colorado plains where rescued tigers, lions, bears, and a host of other animals are rehabilitated and then given acres of pasture to roam. Visitors walk along elevated metal walkways so as not to stress out the animals.

This is Cece, looking down on a white tiger in a smallish cage getting used to the new environment - including the other animals - before being let out into a ‘field.’

This last weekend we had a wonderful stay in Buena Vista, a small town high up in the Rockies (almost 8,000 feet.) It’s set in a ‘dish’ surrounded by mountains. Here’s the view from our Airbnb:

And it’s within half an hour’s drive of hot springs. Here’s Wendy and Lux, feeling the benefit.

Today I came across a strange book by Amanda Lovelace in the bookshop poetry section called ‘unlock your storybook heart’ which I know sounds twee, but it isn’t. 

Someone recently said to me that as soon as you get home from a holiday, and get back into your normal everyday existence, the holiday vanishes. I knew what they meant but I don’t think it’s quite the same when you’re retired. And I hope it won’t be true of me when I get home. This is a page that I liked in the strange book, which relates to my holiday:


Anonymous said...

Your holiday won’t vanish, Sue. Memories of your Colorado family are locked in and will be! Thanks for sharing so many of your pleasures with us. These posts must surely provide an additional way for your experiences to embed

Sue Hepworth said...

Thank you, Ana, and what you say is true. Xx

Bladesgirl said...

Lovely to read about your USA trip, Sue. I went walking on the Monday Trail last week. It was wonderful. I’m so envious of you living so close to it. Hoping to revisit soon and hire a bike at Hassop.
All best wishes to you and the family

Bladesgirl said...

Not sure why it said Monday trail?? Monsal Trail of course, where else??
Warmest wishes, K x

marmee said...

I always feel that a holiday, being away from home and the usual, gives me a fresh perspective on myself and my life.

Sue Hepworth said...

Yes Marmee, I agree.

Karen, I’m so pleased you enjoyed the Monsal Trail.
Spring still has not arrived here, despite warm weather. It is far too dry and the grass still looks horribly scorched from the severe winter. I look forward to seeing my daffodils and the new leaves unfurling when I get home next week.