Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Taking myself in hand - again


I’m feeling a bit better, thankfully.

My agenda:

1. Skim, don’t trawl the news.

2. Back on the hot-then-cold-then-blast-of-hot-showers, which I had given up, because cold showers on top of turning off the heating seemed a step too far into ascetism for this soft bunny.

3. Back on the deep breathing.

4. Reading an engrossing book (The Beekeeper of Aleppo.)

5. Practising my sax every day.

6. Writing a to-do list in the morning and crossing things off.

7. A trip away booked…to visit Het in London for yakking, fun and culture. Yippee! 

8. Working on the garden.

9. Painting. Here is the latest, to capture the colours of Colorado in March:

And yes, Pete, I know it is crooked, but I can’t get it straight! Ok, yes, I could if I really tried, but the sun is shining and life is too short, and my readers are forgiving. 

Today’s poem:


The woman who wrote from Phoenix

after my reading there

to tell me they were still talking about it

just wrote again to tell me that they had stopped.

Billy Collins

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