Thursday, July 14, 2022

Het rides to the rescue - again

First, let’s get the crap out of the way - ALL the candidates for Tory leadership would keep the obscene programme which trafficks desperate and distressed  refugees and asylum seekers to Rwanda. And all of them are complicit in the corruption of Johnson's "government." 

Nuff said.

So….there I was on Monday, sitting on the train to London in my FFP2 mask, on my way to Winchester to stay with my sister Jen, when my brother (who was also going) rang up to say that he’d spent the evening with his daughter the night before and she had just rung to say that her friend - with whom she had spent the evening before that - had tested positive for Covid. He thought he should warn me. Jen didn’t mind if we still went to stay, but how did I feel about it? 

Now you might think I'd be as likely to catch Covid from the person sitting next to me on the train as I would from my brother, but said person was wearing a mask and told me she had tested negative that morning. Also, the incubation period for the current strain of Covid is 2-3 days, not 5 as before. And I'd be with him for 4 days.

I have two important events in the next 10 days - one of which is a Refugee Hospitality Day that I absolutely cannot miss, so getting Covid right now would be massively inconvenient. Therefore I told my brother (who lives in Belgium but was already in London) to go, and I'd turn round when I got to St Pancras and catch a train home. I had already arranged to meet Het for a coffee at Waterloo, and that would rescue the day.

But it was better than that because Het invited me to stay for the night, and I did. 

Toasting the demise of Johnson

Plus she was happy to cut my hair for me, which my sister had agreed to do.

Ready for my haircut

What a friend.

We talked and talked and talked, and the next day on the way to the train saw the wild flowers blooming in the grounds of the Tower of London. They looked fabulous.

But I cycled up the Trail yesterday and loved the wild flowers there just as much. I am so so lucky to live here.

Also, I plan to see all of my sibs in October in Wensleydale. Let's hope Covid doesn't have other plans.

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