Tuesday, July 05, 2022

Where the blog is heading

Why do I have the same dreams time after time? Is it because I watch so many repeats on Netflix?

Last night I dreamed AGAIN that I was late for school. I am 72 for Pete’s sake. Perhaps it’s my aging brain. I don’t remember ever being late for school, and if you asked my friends and family, they’d say I was a punctual person, so what’s the dream about?

And why did I not mention that the photo that inspired the painting in my last post was taken one dark morning a few days after Mary died? I don’t usually have flowers on my bedside table, but I bought those freesias and genista to cheer myself up. (Blog post here.)

The fact I didn’t mention this shows how my blogging powers have diminished: it’s sad, but it’s real. What should I expect when I tell people I’m not a writer now but a painter?

Last week I got an email from The Society of Authors (which is a kind of writers’ union you’re allowed to join when you’ve had a book published.)  They run courses and events and send out a journal four times a year, and they give you advice on legal matters, copyright, contracts with agents and other heavy duty stuff. The fee this year for my membership category is £83, and I’m dithering about whether to renew it.  If I’m not writing there seems little point. The only reason for staying in is if a legal issue comes up with one of my books, or if I am finally discovered and someone wants to be my agent, or if Hollywood comes knocking. We all know how likely the last two are.

The only membership benefit relevant to me these days is a 10% deduction on the price of books bought from Waterstones, and I go there perhaps twice a year. Yes, there’s a certain frisson from waving the card around in a bookshop quite apart from the 10%, but £83 is a big price to pay for said frisson. After all, £83 will go towards the tank of heating oil we’re currently not buying because of the cost.

So. What’s what on this summer Tuesday which has a cloudy sky and an annoying breeze that interferes with outdoor table tennis?

For one thing the moonpennies are going from strength to strength.

And the meadow cranesbill is out on the Trail and looking lovely

but this year's sweet peas are pathetic and I will not shame them by showing you a photo.

The fabulous grandsons have finished their exams and left school. I am not allowed to say anything else, more's the pity.

The fabulous granddaughters are well

and they're coming over with Isaac and Wendy at the end of the month. Yay!

The girls are currently engaged on an art project to fix to their back garden fence:

Dave is still busy making three Adirondack chairs like these

for a friend. 

The family member who declines to be named and the lovely Jaine are moving house, and we have Peanut to stay for the duration

The house needs cleaning.

I am painting.

We have a new microwave and yesterday I tried making jam in it because the booklet says it’s possible. Unfortunately I got distracted and I think you can imagine what happened. But I shall try again. Also yesterday I made a roast vegetable lasagne to freeze for the next refugee hospitality day.

But what about the blog?

Well, you’ll have noticed that politics is rarely mentioned. If I started on politics these days when would I stop? We live in a rogue state that breaks international law. Our government is corrupt and sleazy. It’s led by a man with no morals. Enough. Most of you live here and you know.

So what about the blog? 

I used to be devoted to a certain blog, and then the blogger turned her focus away from everyday life and turned to her art. And I didn’t like her art. Besides which, I wasn’t reading the blog for her art I was reading it for her insights into life. I don’t want to go down that same road on my blog and it feels as though it’s heading that way.

I am proud of the blog. It’s been going a long time, and of all my books, I think the collection of the blog’s best posts in DAYS ARE WHERE WE LIVE is probably my favourite. So I don't want the blog to peter out in a string of less-than-entertaining posts. 

Therefore, if you don't hear from me for a while, you'll know the reason why. But I have been here so many times before that I fully expect to be back...next week or next month or next season.

Thank you, dear friends, for visiting. 

p.s. I also forgot to tell you that when I recently teased Dave about his awful baggy stripey shorts he said snootily "I am an inexplicably unregarded sartorial cynosure."  



marmee said...

Hi Sue! I had meant to say that I LOVE It's Complicated ! Think I may have watched it three times already. Oh those Colorado girls are stunners! What a happy thing to be on the countdown to a visit. In my book you are now a writer AND a painter ....

Anonymous said...

How wonderful that the granddaughters and family will soon be on your garden!! For a moment I thought the new chairs were just for their arrival! I so agree with Marmee that you can be BOTH. And are both We will continue to rejoice when we see a post from you in our feeds Your photos are always a joy too. And this time, they include the fabulous Colorado belles They have so evidently inherited your creativity. How wonderful

Bladesgirl said...

Hi Sue
Thinking of you today as the news unfolds….
Please do keep writing your blog if and when you can. I always look forward to a new post from you.
I’m just back from three weeks in Lanzarote which has been lovely and restful.
Of course, as Marie says, you are both a writer and a painter.
How long is the Buxton exhibition on for? I love the bedside table painting too.
Hope you and Dave are well and wishing you a very happy time with your American family. The girls look so grown up.
Warmest wishes

Bladesgirl said...

Sorry - Marie should of course read “Marmee” - I should have proof read!

Sue Hepworth said...

Hello dear friends, Marmee, Ana and Karen. Thank you for your lovely comments.
Karen, in answer to your first line - Chrissie came over for fish and chips and champagne in the garden this evening. πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸΎπŸΎπŸΎπŸΎπŸΎπŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ₯³. Now they have to get him out as soon as possible.

The Buxton exhibition is on from now till the end of August.

Thank you, we are both well. The girls ARE so grown up, and will be slipping away into adolescence soon,
Thank you for writing,
Sue x