Thursday, September 22, 2022

Random thoughts

After 10 oppressive days when there was nothing on the news except stuff about the Royal death and funeral, I read the paper today. Now I’m in the depths of depression and despair. This government and its actions is antipathetic to everything that I believe in. What can we do about it? I have no idea.

Someone I follow on Twitter said yesterday that all she wanted to do was sit on the beach and look at the sea forever. I understand how she feels. Yesterday at teatime I rode up the quiet Trail to my favourite thinking spot, climbed over the fence and sat and looked at the view. It was so peaceful and so perfect amongst the dried grasses. I could have stayed forever.

But feeling defeated and opting out does nobody any good. I just have to find a path for me.

Dave works hard all day every day. He is either helping other people with their DIY or he is doing domestic jobs. His main occupations this week are 

1/ going out early and bringing home firewood from roadside verges, as we have still not bought any domestic heating oil because of the price 

This week's haul

2/ processing plums. Yes, the plums are still with us. The ones currently in the Hepworth towers food preparation factory are inedible raw, so he is washing them, stoning them and stewing them and then he eats them with his yoghurt. We’ve also frozen as many as will fit in the freezer. I can’t eat them now: these last ones far too bitter for me.

He does occasionally break off from his manic activity to give treats to the cat next door. He is also trying to make friends with a cat from down the lane. This cat is called Alan. Yesterday Dave rushed down the drive shouting “Alan let me stroke him!”  I don't think he should let anyone overhear him saying stuff like that. the studio (i.e. sitting room) ...There are two painters who I follow on Instagram whose techniques are very unusual and result in stunning paintings. I’ve been trying to work out how they actually put the paint on the canvas and I can’t. So I wrote to them both. Neither was helpful. Basically, it boils down to their being protective of what they had learned after years of experimenting and not wanting to share it with anyone else. I’ve not come across this attitude before in other spheres. I’m wondering if it’s something different about the art world, or whether it’s because they’re both men. Or whether it’s for some other reason. Do they really think that I’m going to be able to produce works of art in competition to them? Do they think that if I do that I’m going to reduce their market?  There’s a lot to learn.

My cosmos are still flowering and bringing me so much pleasure 

I also want to say that I was feeling very low when I started this post but while I've been writing it I've been having a text conversation with Het and it's really cheered me up. I was telling her about Dave's exploits and she said "He's a dude." She's right.

So please raise a cup of coffee to friendship and to dudes!


marmee said...

"Alan let me stroke him!" I laughed out loud! And yes, happy adventures for the grandson! It is a bit of a mystery , this hold on the heart the grandchild has. I keep wondering if I was too busy when my children were little to feel all the emotions, too worried about food and school and and and, I don't know.

Sue Hepworth said...

Oh yes, Marmee, in those days there was so much nitty gritty and housekeeping and and and to fully appreciate how fabulous kids are. Now we have time to appreciate our grandchildren and realise our own kids were just as wonderful.

Anonymous said...

I wish I lived nearer, I would love to talk to your Dude about what saw he uses. Mind you I just want to stop next doors hedge encroaching on our garden, not heat the house, and I can probably go and have a chat with our local screw fix people to find a lightweight cordless sort. [If we wanted to heat the house by burning wood we would first have to have our chimney lined so that economy is not open to us. ]

EEek ! Have just checked out Screw fix £££ am going to see if I can borrow one from our neighbour ! I love the turning of the seasons - so many people are detached from the rhythms they provide. Surely the bitter plums can be made into jam or chutney useful as gifts … is it an on or an off Christmas this year?


Sue Hepworth said...

Hi Jenetta, as far as hedge trimming goes you do NOT need a chainsaw. We have a cheap hedge trimmer but it is not cordless.
And as for the plums….it did occur to me that I could make plum chutney, as I do like chutney, but I just can’t be bothered. If Dave wasn’t eating them stewed - and happy to have them twice a day - I might look into it. But as I have said before, I am long finished with any pleasure in cooking except for making cakes. I would so much rather be outside in nature or painting than in the kitchen.

Christmas? Covid and lockdowns put paid to any system around On and Off Christmases and I have lost track of where we are with them. Isaac and co are coming over for Thanksgiving: that is all that I know.