Thursday, February 09, 2023

On display

What do you blog about when the country is falling to pieces, there has been a disastrous earthquake, and Europe is on the brink of war and you can't do anything about any of it? 

You write about the preview evening of the exhibition in Sheffield which contains one of your paintings, and you whittle about clothes... 

What does an artist wear to a preview? I decided on something colourful and stylish, but when I took the only suitable garment from the wardrobe it was slightly creased. I put it on anyway and then foolishly asked Dave's opinion. 

'Do you notice these creases?' I asked him, knowing from the look on his face that he loathed said garment.

'Yes. It looks terrible.'

It is one of my few synthetic bits of clothing, and I should have listened to my inner fashion voice which was telling me the creases were minimal and would drop out from the heat of my body while I was wearing it. 

But instead I listened to Dave who (we have established over many blogging years) knows nothing about clothes. I took the thing off and ironed it. Then I drove to my daughter’s house because she'd kindly agreed to drive me into town and come with me. 

When I got out of the car the tunic was creased much more than before, and these creases were sharp. The hot iron followed by sitting in the car in a heavy winter coat had done for it.

None of it mattered. The gallery was cold and everyone had their coats on and even if this had not been the case, it was such a tiny space and so packed that you couldn't even stand back to look at the paintings, let alone see viewers' clothes, and there was no chance whatsoever of my daughter taking a photo of me standing next to my painting.

It was fun, though. 

Cece (10) is an artist too.

Students at three Boulder schools were asked to create the design for a banner that answered the questions: What do you do to lift your spirits? To keep you connected and happy? What brings you joy?

The best 40 designs would be printed as large scale banners and hung up on Boulder's main shopping street. Cece's was one of those chosen, and I am so, so proud of her.

She loves cats and Japanese food.

And here is the banner hanging on Pearl Street. 

I'll be there in 3 weeks and I can't wait to go and see it with her. 

We'll be wearing warm coats.

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Anonymous said...

Cece’s banner is fantastic - it really IS joyful - sure to lift the spirits of passers-by. Congrats to her - her colours are beautiful, her composition pleasing - an artist in the making.

So many of us agree that the current nadir in British government is an ongoing horror story - no sooner does one travesty drop out of the shocking headlines, others swarm to take its place. Fearful, shameful times.

Cece is onto something. Cats and Japanese noodles.

Thanks for standing up, Sue.

Thea xx