Saturday, June 03, 2023

Exhibition weekend

Whoopee! Today’s the day! And I am far too excited to sit here in bed doing Wordle and Quordle and all the rest. Yesterday morning I was so excited I woke up at half last three. 

The pictures are hung, the labels are written, cakes and flapjack have been baked, and the cards have arrived.

For those of you who won't be here, here are some of the paintings:

On our dresser - with three of Dave's kumiko pieces below

Now I’m going to pick some flowers and do some last minute vacuuming and make some scones. I have even made flapjack for the two known vegans who are coming. Was I this excited for my book launches?  This feels like even more fun. 

p.s. yes, those are some of Dave’s clock faces under the table. I believe we still have 10. 


Anonymous said...

So thrilling to have virtual walk around your exhibition before the actual visitors arrive. It a privilege and a delight ! Good on you for following through so splendidly with the inspiration you found in your reading on art practice
Oh to be in Derbyshire in early summer soaking in the art, buying a gorgeous card or three and sampling your baked treats. First time for quite a while that I have seriously ached to travel again
All the very best for your exhibition dear Sue !
Ana xx

Anonymous said...

Amazing paintings of your gate into the paddock with Queen Anne Lace.Love all your Queen Anne lace paintings and photos and esp the lanes full of it but this viridian coloured painting is like a photo.Oh wow.So inspirational.Is this painting for sale???.Just ordering ammi visigna.Is this what your Queen Anne lace is or is it daucus carotus please?Oh to be there this summer in England.Love your site and poems.Made me so happy/Thank you,thank you.Blessings,=

Sue Hepworth said...

thank you both for your lovely comments.

I do not call it Queen Annes Lace. I call it Cow Parsley, but the Latin name for it is Anthriscus Sylvestris. I really love it which is why it features strongly on the blog every May, and why it’s found it’s way into my paintings.