Wednesday, November 08, 2023

One thing on my mind

I keep thinking I could tell you about how Dave decorated the kitchen to freshen it up while I was away and how we hated the new colour and what happened afterwards, but all I can think about is the genocide being committed by the Israeli government and military.

I am glad I am 74, because if I were 13 like my granddaughter Lux, I’d be so traumatised by the news that I wouldn’t want to go on living in a world where this obscenity is allowed to happen, in a world where so many powerful governments support the Israelis in words and in bombs, including my own, including the opposition.

How can it be?

Well, the kitchen may have been repainted, but the notices on the fridge remain the same. 

Maybe I should paint two new copies to freshen up the fridge.

You can tell this is the kitchen of two aging hippies, two aging hippies who have just written to the Labour MP Imran Hussain to thank him for his moral courage and principled stand in resigning from the shadow cabinet because he cannot support Starmer’s position in refusing to call for a ceasefire. 

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