Tuesday, January 30, 2024

At home

The headline that struck me this morning at 6 am was that 1 in 9 UK children are reported to be disabled, and the politicians are worried. Are they worried in the way that they are worried about people starving and having to turn to food banks, and others dying because of mouldy accommodation? (ie not worried at all). 

They are worried because of the implications for the economy. Wouldn’t you know it?

After reading this I went down for my first cuppa and met Dave in the kitchen who said “I’m going to tell you two bits of exciting scientific news, one of which you’ll be interested in and one which you won’t.”

“Well, don’t tell me the one I won’t be interested in. That’s an Asperger thing.”

“I’ll tell you anyway because you OUGHT to be interested in it.”

Friends, it was about there being signs of past life on Mars. Not dull, after all. And very brief. 👍

The second was about Alzheimer’s and I’d already read it.

I then told Dave about the disabled children statistic and he said, “Well you know what the politicians will do, don’t you?” And before he’d said it I had jumped to the same conclusion. “They’ll do the Rwanda thing-“

“Yes!” I said, interrupting, “they’ll change the definition of disabled.”

“Yes, they’ll do a Humpty Dumpty and say this is true because I say it is true.”

All this before I had had my first restorative swig of Yorkshire Tea.

I am back in bed now and he has gone off for the day to help someone with DIY. I shall enjoy the quiet house and paint. 

Last week was unpleasant. I spent most of the week a tormented combination of angry and sad because of the western world’s insouciance about the genocide in Gaza. I feel the same now but I have my feelings under control so they’re not spilling out and ruining the days.

I got some paintings back from the framer on Friday and was really delighted with one in particular, one I hadn’t been that keen on before…

I like it but not enough to keep. Next time I am exhibiting it will be one I offer for sale. I’m currently trying to loosen up and be more impressionistic and am working on a painting without brushes, but using a palette knife, cotton buds, cocktail sticks and my fingers. It’s fun! And fun is what I need in these dark dark times.


Anonymous said...

Where was the location and inspiration for your painting? Love that you have fallen for it after a break and the framing I can imagine many discerning folk also falling for it. I’m also speculating that Yorkshire Tea is particularly strong? Just the ticket early in the day, but not for me!! Strong tea is not my friend

Sue Hepworth said...

Hello Ana, the beach and sea were inspired by my favourite bay in Northumberland and the vegetation by the plants in Anglesey I saw with Liz in the summer.
Yes, Yorkshire tea would be called black tea in the USA or Irish tea. It is strong.

Shafia said...

I wish I could have come along to your last exhibition. Looking forward to attending the next one.

Shafia x

Sue Hepworth said...

It would be so lovely to meet you, Shafia, after how many years that you’ve been reading my blog? 15?

I am exhibiting at the Bonsall Art Trail the last weekend in June and the details are on Instagram if you look for their posts. Bonsall us a village near Matlock, not easy to get to from London.

I might have another exhibition at home in the summer - I haven’t decided yet. (Also in a village.)

And I might get one or two paintings into the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition June- August, but I won’t know until May. 🤞