Thursday, February 01, 2024

Today's letter to my MP

Letter to my MP today, flawed as it is...

I am writing to protest at the UK government’s decision to stop supporting UNWRA.

It is well documented that the people of Gaza are suffering from starvation and lack of shelter. They need food and shelter NOW.

If it is true that 12 people working for UNWRA were involved in the horrific Hamas attack on October 7th that is not an excuse to stop supporting UNWRA. UNWRA employs 30,000 people and 12 of them have been accused. You don’t stop funding the UK police because of widespread racism and sexism and corruption. 

The UK especially should be supporting UNWRA because the UK has a historic responsibility to the people of Palestine because of the forced  displacement and dispossession of Palestinians after WW2.

The halt in funding for UNWRA compounds the UK’s complicity in the genocide being carried out by Israel. Your government has explicitly said they are “on Israel’s side” and have been allowing the sale of weapons to Israel for years, despite the fact that it is an apartheid state, and despite the fact that it has been breaking international law for years by demolishing Palestinian houses and expanding settlements.

(But then it is also obvious in the government’s treatment of refugees that Mr Sunak thinks obeying international law is optional.)

The UK government has also disdained the ruling of the ICJ: that Israel’s war on the people of Gaza could lead to – or be later labelled as - genocide.

Your government is out of step with the majority of ordinary people in the UK.

Most British people are compassionate, and can clearly see what is happening in Gaza and want Mr Sunak to call for a ceasefire and to send aid to the people of Gaza.

I cannot believe that in 2023 I am seeing what is happening in Gaza. It haunts my days. And I am not alone. It is not just the people who march week by week in London who are distraught with anger and sadness at the West’s heartless stance on the plight of Palestinians.

In despair

Sue Hepworth 


marmee said...

Well said Sue!! Seems to me one of the problems is that people/government officials can't hold two different but equal facts in their minds. Hamas committed atrocities. Now Israel is committing atrocities. And it would explode their minds to try hold the fact that Palestinians were displaced from a country, and lands held legally ( title deeds to prove it) and have since been effectively imprisoned.

Sue Hepworth said...

Thank you dear friends. And thank you Thea for posting again the link to Medical Aid tor Palestinians.