Monday, February 12, 2024


Look I'm sorry that the blog seems to have morphed into something that doesn't do the biz like it used to do, but I am haunted by what is happening in Gaza.


And I am haunted by the fact that the western world is doing nothing to stop it.

As Dave said in his latest missive to our MP:

This war is terrifyingly unhinged, and almost psychopathic in its unbridled and feral ferocity. But is also morally wrong and deeply inhumane. That the government is eager to support it is a stain on us all.

I am continuing to read the book Active Hope and I do commend it to you, even though its focus is on the environment and not the state of world wide politics. 

But let's skip to the home front...

The only news is that for the first time in years I am eager to plant my sweet peas. Normally I groan at the thought of all those yoghurt cartons cluttering up the windowsills. This year feels different. I am looking forward to doing something that is positive that I know will bring joy in a few months time: I think watching something grow right in front of me is going to make me feel better. 

As Jo Shimwell, a young farmer in our village, said 'Nature is a great source of certainty and comfort.'

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