Thursday, February 08, 2024

Wednesday morning at Hepworth Towers

I am in bed reading this

and I’m finding it constructive. I need to tell you that I rarely read non fiction because I need a story to pull me along but I’m having no trouble sticking with this. It focuses most strongly on the environmental crisis (which is not what is troubling me right now) but it is generally very helpful, so if you’re in need of hope, I recommend it.

I have a filthy cold 

and it’s snowing (almost horizontally) and we are forecast 20cms here in the Peak District today. I’m not convinced. 

Dave kindly went out to Aldi early and bought me some lemons so I could have lemon and honey drinks. When he set off he asked me how much they would be and not how many I wanted, and he brought back 25. šŸ¤” I’m hoping my cold doesn’t last so long I’ll be needing them all, but I do need more lemon curd so it will all work out. Plus - ooh - it’s pancake day next week!

I have nothing more interesting to tell you I’m afraid, except that I’ve been searching around for something positive to do about Gaza, and I am ordering greeting cards of some of my paintings and will donate the profit from sales in the next two months to the UNICEF Gaza appeal. The link to the UNICEF appeal is below the photo. (Blogging in bed on the iPad has its drawbacks).

Goodbye, and I love you all.


marmee said...

Hope you better by 10 lemons!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link Sue. Have donated.