Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Sea, sand and art

 Guess where I am…

I am staying with Het in Sennen Cove, Cornwall.

This is the view from the sofa:

And this is the view from the kitchen:

Isn’t it stupendous?

Het and Chris bought a near-derelict house here seven years ago and after many trials and tribulations they finally moved into their fabulous new eco-house in November. 

I could sit on the sofa and watch the sea all day. It’s mesmerising, and so relaxing. And I’m loving it.

Today we went for a swim (indoors!) and then hit St Ives, which was beautifully quiet, because it’s February. We visited the Tate and this time we enjoyed the exhibits. 

I particularly liked this Winifred Nicholson painting called Recollect

 And this work by Patrick Hughes called St Ives: Reflection

Those yachts are real 3 D toy yachts bought from a toy shop.

But as well as the art work I love the view from the gallery:

And here’s me, feeling happy, clutching a new sketch pad and some oil pastels to have some fun with:

Thank you, Het, for a super day.


marmee said...

Shhhh ...I like your paintings better!

Anonymous said...

Agree with Marmee
That is certainly an amazing house!
To be fair I do have wonderful memories of the art at Kettle's Yard Cambridge back in 2002 when we were
living at Wolfson college for a few months
Do enjoy your own special time with your dear friend Ana xx

Sue Hepworth said...

Thank you, friends! xx