Saturday, February 24, 2024

Weather and art

We’ve had sooooo much wind and rain this week with a few bursts of treacherous sunshine that lure you into going outside and then disappear and you’re buffeted by hail. 

But the colours of both sea and sky have been beautiful nevertheless. And this wonderful house allows you to enjoy it all without getting wet.

Het capturing the sky while finishing off her Cornish pasty.

We saw Andrew Scott in Vanya at the Newlyn Filmhouse after a delicious dinner in the quirky restaurant there. He performed solo for two hours without a break and was mesmerising. He played the parts of all the characters! Now I need to find a copy of Uncle Vanya and read it.

I’ve been really enjoying my new oil pastels, and am already running out of white. I’ve never used oil pastels before and have found that I adore them. I’m going to really let rip once I’m home in my studio and not sitting at Het’s kitchen counter trying to stay clean.

And I now have a use for the giant canvases that Dave encouraged me to buy: I can’t wait to paint some dramatic seas and skies.

Oil pastel sketch

Today we’re going to Newlyn Art Gallery for more sustenance. I’m looking forward to it.

Here, to finish, is the full moon this morning…

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your holiday with us! Looks as though it’s going to continue to be a wonderful gift to your creativity
Those blues!! Together with Dave we are looking forward to some works on an even larger scale