Friday, April 12, 2024


What I feel like doing is having a rant about Keir Starmer’s militaristic and right wing agenda, but I am sure you didn’t come here to read that, so…

Remember my last post about the six months of rain driving me bonkers and inducing me to start a crazy patchwork project by unpicking an old failed one and remaking it with new pieces?

The sun came out yesterday when I was in the middle of arranging and sewing patches and I lost interest in the whole project.

I despaired of the mess cluttering up the room where I paint 

And went out on my bike.

This morning the sun is out again and a dry day is forecast and I’ve decided to pack away the patchwork project with notes on what I had decided on the design, and get it out next winter. I fully admit I have a love-hate relationship with patchwork in that I love the colour and the design and hate the sewing. 

Having said that, I realise today that the idea of doing horizontal stripes of triangular patches doesn’t have to be repeated, and indeed, probably shouldn’t be. It was laziness that made me think I’d do it again, because it would mean less work. But who measures time and effort in a creative project? I don’t when I’m painting. 

It's not a lost hope. It took me six years to knit my fair isle hoodie - another project involving (my own) colour and design - and it got done in the end. This might well come out of the cupboard one winter time.

Now I’ve discovered painting, which is a much more direct way to play with colour and design.

And I also have my electric bike, which means that views like this are so much easier to achieve.

Oh yes.

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