Friday, January 29, 2010


I am not one of those noble people who soldier on when their bodies are falling apart. I am the type who lies in bed and lets people bring them cups of tea, and occasional snippets of conversation which the messenger considers interesting – such as that their current favourite musicians (Pomplamoose) have got 160,000 hits on their new video-song on Youtube.

And I am the type who lets someone light the fire for them so they can go downstairs and lie on the couch and watch an ancient BBC dramatisation of The Secret Garden which came free with a Saturday paper. I hope to see you next week, if I am spared. (How does one achieve an ironic tone on a blog? Maybe I should consult Bodmyn Corner.)


Anonymous said...

Pomplamoose is great...I'll have to let my husband in on this.

How was the quality of the Secret Garden freebie?

Last week I ordered a copy of the 1949 movie The Man on the Eiffel Tower with Franchot Tone. The quality is not so great, but it is interesting to see what Paris looked like, streets, buildings, restaurants, in this era. I hardly recognized it.

Sue Hepworth said...

The Secret Garden dramatisation was rather stilted, but it's such a cracking story, it would take a lot to kill it.

Marilyn said...

Hi Sue! I hope you're feeling better now and has your son arrived safely?

Sue Hepworth said...

Thanks, Marilyn - yes on both counts. And we have sunshine!

Sam10 said...

You've gone yellow? Got jaundice?