Sunday, November 14, 2010

Strung out

Nov 10 009

I am so tired I can’t go to sleep. My head has been a maelstrom of people and cooking and conversation, and I have been lying here gazing at my music stand and wishing I could play my sax to calm myself down. But it’s midnight, everyone is in bed, and the sound of the sax travels as far as the end of our lane.

The only thing I have found to chill me out is to flick through a TOAST catalogue. I love the things in TOAST but they are so ridiculously expensive that I only ever buy T shirts in the second round of the sale. The current catalogue contains Christmas presents, such as a pair of silk velvet lavender bags for £14.50. Oh, come on! A Christmas tree decoration for £9.95. Are you kidding?

But I have done some serious ogling of the silk velvet dressing gown in kingfisher blue on page 67 – a “mere” £175.

Now I’m going to creep into the kitchen and make some cocoa. Why am I sleeping on my study floor? Because with the American wing of the family staying, and an English member of the family who declines to be named occupying the spare room, Dave and I decided that Lux and her tired parents should have our room, and that Dave should sleep on his study floor, and I should sleep on mine. Yesterday we had an email conversation from our respective studies at half past five in the morning. It was fun. (We may be provincial but we know how to party.)


Anonymous said...

Dearest Sue,
I know you fear that no one reads your blog. Tonight was proof that I am one of its most devoted followers. Without your blog how would Lux and I ever have gotten the chance to share a midnight feed and some drinking chocolate?
We feel extremely lucky to be here and in the presence of such love.

Little Red Hen and The Bean

Sue Hepworth said...

And I feel extremely lucky to have you here.xxxx.Thank you, LRH. Fancy meeting you in the ktchen at midnight!