Sunday, June 26, 2011

The nicest things happen sometimes when you’re book-signing in your old home town…

…such as when people you have not seen for 42 years walk in the front door of Waterstone’s and up to your table and say

“I want to meet Sue Hepworth,”

and you know that they know you but you haven’t a clue who they are, and they turn out to be your first serious boyfriend. And it’s so lovely to see them.

And then later, you think – “Oh my God, the last time he saw me I looked like this – ”

sue july 1968

and this…

sue october 1968

Oh, and John, if you’re reading this, Dave wants to know

1/ do you still have the Vauxhall Victor

2/ what kind of bike have you got?


galant said...

What I find more disconcerting, Sue, is when you meet someone you've not seen for more than 40 years (indeed, someone once hailed me in the street who I'd not seen since I was at primary school, aged nine) and says, "You've not changed a bit!" All I think then is that I must've been a very elderly-looking child! But fun, too, to meet people you've not met in years!
Margaret P

Anonymous said...

Dearest Sue! What a fab haircut, such a hottie! RAR!
What a delicious treat when you have been working so hard.


Elx said...

I was going to say "Oh Sue, you were so beautiful!" until I realised that would be the kind of thing Dave would say, and you would think I meant you were no longer beautiful, and you are. But that black and white shot of you really is gorgeous!

Sue Hepworth said...

Well, thanks you guys! How sweet you are.xx