Friday, June 24, 2011

Imperfect books

Finding out what to do with the imperfect books that the printer sent me was on my to-do list and I’ve done it.

I have to tear out the imprint page ( i.e. the page with the printing and publishing info at the front of the book – often the reverse page to the title page – or the “title verso” as we say in the trade) and send those imprint pages to the printers  and they will credit me with the run-on price for each book.

What is a run-on price? Ah…

…when you get an estimate from the printers – say for 2,000 books  – they quote you a run on price – say for 1,000 copies. This means that if when they get your PDF, you say - “Actually, Geoff, I want 3,000 copies not 2,000 copies,” they charge you the price for the original 2,000 and then add the run-on price they quoted for the next 1,000. The run-on price is roughly half the price of the original quoted price (depending on various things.)

So now not only do I have more abstruse information to add to my knowledge bank about printing – so do you.


galant said...

Ooh, you are a scream, Sue! Wish we could get run-on prices on all the things we bought regularly!
Margaret P

Elx said...

Did you know I read your blog every day?


Sue Hepworth said...

No I didn't! It's nice that you do. x

Isaac said...

I love getting an education in self-publishing. Keep it up!