Wednesday, June 22, 2011


There has been space this week – and time – to do all the things that have been crowded out in the last six weeks of publishing and promoting frenzy…

Go for a walk with Dave round a different village from our own, in this case Litton, where we saw…

June 2011 048

and this brand new calf…

June 2011 050

and two well-dressings…

June 2011 042

June 2011 054

and if you don’t know what a well-dressing is – look it up! I am feeling far too chilled to bother telling you.

Also I’ve had time for this…

June 2011 005

June 2011 006

Unfortunately, when I looked round the garden I found that the blackcurrants were ripe for picking a month earlier than usual (this involves jam-making and the Little Red Hen is not here)  and on my desk I had a list of neglected admin jobs -

1/ sort out the household accounts

2/ sort out the savings

3/ do my tax return

4/ find the receipt for the digital radio that died on the barge holiday

5/ invoice the book wholesaler

6/ ring the man to service the boiler

7/ organise three birthday presents

8/ decide what to do with the twelve books that arrived with black smudges on the cut edge of the pages

9/ take Gil’s pirate LEGO back to the shop and exchange it because the skeleton man and the skeleton horse were missing.

I ticked off this last one yesterday. The manager of TITLES in Bakewell was receptive and  charming and insisted that not only should I have a new set of LEGO but I should take the incomplete one as well – what brilliant service.

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