Monday, June 20, 2011

Not J K Rowling

Book promotion is exhausting.

I just had three events in the space of four days, and after yesterday’s signing at Hassop Station on the Monsal Trail (which actually means approaching people and handing over your book for perusal, because punters are far too shy to actually come up to your table and say “Hello”) I came home and went to bed at six o’clock and lay there in a stupor unable to switch off and go to sleep, but too tired even to listen to the radio. After two hours of lying there, I sat up and watched two episodes of Neighbours (so shoot me), had some cocoa, and slept for nine hours.

Now I feel human. Thankfully I have five days before the next event in Derby Waterstone’s.

Of course if I were J K Rowling, I would have a minder, and orderly queues and…

But I am pleased I am me, if only because I like my own books better than J.K.Rowling’s. Fantasy does nothing for me.


galant said...

Neighbours? NEIGHBOURS? I wouldn't have put you down as a Neigbours fan, Sue (not that we've met, but you know what I mean!) I only have to her the sig tune and I literally run to switch off! But I should imagine self promotion is exhausting - but rest and then be ready for Derby. Fantasy, sci-fi and horror do nothing for me, either!

Sue Hepworth said...

Jane (my co-author of PfB) are both Neighbours fans - shocking, but true. It is so hilariously awful, and nothing relaxes me better than watching an episode - but I have to be really tired. I couldn't possibly watch it at lunchtime.