Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Road trip

Today I am going with Karen to see the Grand Canyon. Yippeee!
We are flying to Las Vegas on a cheapo-cheapo airline and then renting a car and driving for five hours to get to the Canyon. Karen has kindly arranged and booked it all - bless her - and she will be doing the driving. I said to her that driving through the desert with her would be just like Thelma and Louise ( never having seen the film.) So she said that first of all, I HAD to see the film before we set off, and secondly (or "second of all" as they say over here) I mustn't be taking a gun.
OK, Karen.
I don't have a gun. Check. Seen the film. Check. Loved the film! But I don't think we'll be replicating the ending (if you don't mind.)

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