Monday, December 05, 2011

Blog still here but the prize has gone

Dec 2011

Isaac rang up last night – his weekly call from a sunny morning in blue-skied San Francisco (above.) I told him we were sitting by the log stove; we had snow on the hill behind the house; because of energy prices everyone I know is turning their heating down and reducing the number of hours they have their heating on, that a quarter of households in the UK face fuel poverty, and that Dave and I had been logging. And then I listened to myself - sounding like a bulletin from the siege of Leningrad.

Someone called Chris has won the Sue Hepworth Blog Christmas Competition 2011 – well done Chris! So now the rest of you can stop wracking your brains – all two of you. I am wondering if the puzzle was too easy: my other Christmas puzzles have taken longer to solve and have generated far more entries. Oh well.

Isaac asked if I had decided to continue the blog. The answer is “Yes, for now.” Thank you to all of you who have sent encouraging messages about it, and to those of you who lurk in the cybersphere and say nowt, but still keep coming back and reading.

Did you know I have a programme that tells me how many readers I get each day and where they live, and what keywords they type into Google to end up here? My favourite keywords this last month have been the following (I have added links in case you want to see the relevant post):

Finally, someone has recognised me for who I am.

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