Sunday, September 23, 2012

Holiday snaps

I am still unable to write coherently on account of cloudy (jetlag) brain, so here are a few holiday snaps…

You know where:

GG bridge

The view of the city from the bridge:

Sept 2012 150 

Having lunch with Isaac at work i.e. the Twitter office. Here is one of the many counters in the canteen (they all have different names)

twitter canteen

and the sunny roof garden, where we ate:

Sept 2012 235

The motto on the Aging Hippie’s front porch:

AH motto

The AH’s bumper sticker:

bumper stciker

Cycling with the AH on the San Andreas faultline, on the Sawyer Camp Trail – her answer to the Monsal Trail (though I have to say, the punters are much better behaved than they are on the Monsal Trail)

on San Andreas faultline

A small corner of the gardens at Filoli (the AH’s answer to Chatsworth)


The AH with the biggest hydrangea flower I have ever seen:

Sept 2012 208

My consolation on coming home to Derbyshire was to find that the sweet peas in my garden were still flourishing:

consolation on coming home

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