Thursday, September 20, 2012

Post-holiday reflections

I’m not going to bore you rigid with another day-by-day account of the progress of my jetlag as I did in the spring, but my mind is decidedly cloudy, so by way of today’s post, you’re getting a list.

1. Did you know that in the US, they don’t generally say Bucket and Spade, they say Shovel and Pail?

2. In the spring, when Lux noticed a plane in the sky she would point and say “Airplane” and I thought, ‘Oh, when she’s older, she’ll be able to enunciate the word better - and say  aeroplane.’ But I found out last week that in the USA, the proper name for a plane is, in fact “airplane.”

3. I love driving round San Francisco in the sunshine while listening to sunshiny music from The Mamas and the Papas, or from Fun, but I can’t decide whether the same music would elicit the same degree of happiness while driving in a  rainy Derbyshire, and without someone in a child seat in the back, singing along with the song You, baby, or saying “Want to read a book.” 

me and lux


Jean said...

and they do not say going to the seaside........they say going to the Ocean or to the beach many differences. When our American grandchildren were little they were practising diving in our pool , one of them , after a successful dive , shouted 'I dove' (prounonced doohve) like you I thought it was just a childish expression .....but no, that is what they say , not 'I dived'....but 'I dove'.....just how do these differeces come about ?

Sue Hepworth said...

And I forgot to mention the other difference I came across: the Aging Hippy had a tomato plant growing amongst her petunias, and she called it - not a self-seeded plant, but a volunteer plant...which i love!