Saturday, June 01, 2013

The odd men who visit my house

While I was out doing last minute shopping for our trip to Gargrave (and beyond), Dave was in the front garden, basking, and there he was prey to a man who comes house to house (in his car) selling tasteless calendars and the wrong sized baking tins, synthetic tea-towels and gadgets you really, really don’t want. I thought we’d seen the back of this guy: he hasn’t called for a year or two. I thought I’d managed to categorise myself as “an unrewarding customer.” Dave always berated me for being so mean. I have nothing against pedlars (actually, I think the concept is romantic) if they are selling useful stuff I want, but this guy never was. Eventually Dave and I came to an agreement that whoever answered the door to the guy could decide whether or not to raid the family budget and there would be no recriminations afterwards, either way.

When I got home with the coffee and bananas, Dave flourished this:


Dave is the one who notices cobwebs, and he’s been wanting a new “feather duster” for some time.

“It’s tat!” I said.

“It’s 100%  lambswool!” he said.

I smelled it. It was. “I thought I’d seen the guy off,” I said.

“He said I was so nice, you’d be wanting to hang on to me.”


“Oh, and he said – Give my regards to your wife.”



Megan said...

That's fantastic, I love that story.

galant said...

Not looked in for a while, Sue, so catching up! Lovely posts and photos as usual! Love the feather duster 'story'! Husband here notices cobwebs, too? Why do men notice cobwebs while we women don't? Thought for the day, har, har!
Margaret P

Sue Hepworth said...

Hi Margaret, nice i hear fom you again.
Megan - thanks.

sorry to both of you i didn't deal with your comments earlier. I've been away.