Friday, February 21, 2014

grey (bike) and beige (car)

I’ve chosen a new bike! I’m slightly disappointed because they only do it in charcoal grey, and driving around in Dave’s beige car is bad enough. (Tell me – why would anyone even dream of making a beige car?) But hey – I’m having a new bike!
The other problem yet to be solved is what width of seat to have. You may as well know that when I was first pregnant with Isaac (42 years ago) the doctor examined me and said “Plenty of room in there for a nice ten pounder.” Jim in the bike shop said “We have a device for measuring what size seat you should have.” My mind reeled. Not wanting him anywhere near my bum with a tape measure, I said “Oh, I’ll just try a couple of seats, shall I?”
I tried a couple and still hadn’t found a comfy one so I asked him exactly how they measured customers in order to find the right seat.
I needn’t have worried. It’s a broad strip of gel that you sit on and your ischial tuberosities dent it more than the rest of your bum, and they measure between the two points and look on a chart and hey presto – this is the size of seat you need. But they hadn’t got my size in stock (which i must tell you was not the widest)  and nor could they order it, and I ran out of time. I had to pick up my grandsons from school. But the bike is ordered, and when it gets here, I’ll sort out the seat.

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