Saturday, February 22, 2014

Missing Wensleydale

The only one of my novels not set in Derbyshire is Zuzu’s Petals, which is set in Sheffield and in Wensleydale (where my parents lived.) Since they died, I still go up to Wensleydale several times a year, usually with one or more of my sibs. In the in-between times, when I am missing the place - as I am this morning - I take comfort in Rosemary Mann’s photographs which she posts on Twitter @1SouthViewHawes. She has a lovely holiday cottage in Burtersett near Hawes, which you can rent. She has kindly given me permission to post a few of her delicious photographs here. These are some of her recent ones:

sheep above hawes RM

towards Ribblehead

Wensleydale RM 2

Wensleydale RM

Oh, Wensleydale, I miss you….

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