Friday, April 17, 2015

Check in/Check out

I’m back. But I’m going away again tomorrow and my mind is full of lists and urgencies and not full of blog posts. I’m sorry. I will be blogging again, but not for ten days.

In the meantime I can offer two pictures from the family wedding weekend which shows the effects a new baby can have on ancient relatives.

Here is my brother Jonty holding his nine-week-old great niece:


And here is me with the same baby – my great niece.

photo 2

Yep. I am old enough to be a great aunt.


Ash said...

Happiness = baby + cuddle time ... the best equation in the world! Lovely smiley photos.

(my husband is a great, great uncle at 56! His family blurred the generations somewhat!!)

Sue Hepworth said...

I like your equation.
Blimey- a great great uncle at 56. Maybe I'm doing OK!