Wednesday, May 06, 2015


I haven’t forgotten you. It’s been busy round here.

We have visitors for a week: Isaac, Wendy, Lux and Cece (seen here playing with the family toy farm which I brought here after my mother died. We’ve had to extract a few animals because they were made of lead. You know how things were back in the fifties.)


I am writing this in bed on my study floor, where I slept last night.


I don’t have the old mattress like I did last time, because I de-cluttered it. But foam base cushions from the sofa covered by a foam mattress topper make a pretty good substitute.

This is all waffle because I have no deep thoughts or quirky observations to share with you. (Does she ever, was the cry?) We’ve been anticipating this visit with a mixture of excitement and trepidation, and I am sure Wendy and Isaac won’t be offended by my saying that, because when they visited two years ago, the children never managed to switch to UK time, and we had a rota for childcare all round the clock. Read about it here, and weep. At the end of the week all four adults were wrecks.

Last night was night two, and everyone slept through the night. So miracles happen.

Now we need a dry day so we can go to Chatsworth farm and adventure playground. keep your fingers crossed for us.

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