Monday, November 30, 2015

Is it my life or Sally Howe’s?

Our internet connection has always been slow but sure, and it’s suited me fine. Recently, however, Dave decided he wanted it superfast, and last Monday an engineer came to fix us up. Since then our connection has either been so fast it makes you dizzy, or non-existent. 

I think you know me well enough, dear readers, to imagine how I felt last Thursday when a TV producer emailed to say he was keen to see my screenplay.

And I think you can imagine how I felt when I’d written my email reply and attached the docs and pressed send, and the internet failed…and continued to fail until I was beside myself with the jitters. (Fortunately for Dave he was out on his bike.)

Another thing you know is how much Sally Howe and I like Hassop Station – the cafe, bookshop and cycle hire place that’s a mile away on the Monsal Trail.


It’s where Jane and I had the launch for Plotting for Grown-ups and it’s a favourite haunt of Sally’s in the book.


Luckily for me, it has Wi-Fi. So I grabbed my laptop and jumped in the car and five minutes later I’d sent my screenplay and was sipping a soothing Earl Grey tea.

I have written this post in bed, but I may have to go to Hassop Station to post it.



Anonymous said...

I have your blog in my favourites bar and every so often I remember to visit - sometimes its daily and there is nothing - and again nothing and then.... I forget - so wonderful to open up tonight and find not one but three posts - of nostalgic things and great news and (pauses to think of making a pun about feeling drained then think better of it)there is a picture of your book launch - with my sister in - I think - or maybe I am hoping its her because I know she met you at Hassop station which is why I read your book and now follow your blog, as you know. A connection which has widened my world - thank you. Because of you I am now the richer for reading poets and news from south Africa and so much more - (too tired to remember to name names but you can guess) - I love your blog and your honesty - again thank you. Jen

Sue Hepworth said...

Thank you, Jen. Your comment makes me think it's worth carrying on.
I don't know if your sister was there or not. I met her when I was signing copies of 'But I Told You' at Hassop.