Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Rainy day

Every time I come back to the blog after having a week off, I lose my nerve. What do I really have to say? Why do people want to come here to read it? Then someone helpful gives me a kick up the bum and says - “Get writing!” This time it was my big brother.

So I’m here. Some days I will have something interesting to say, or I will say nothing in an interesting way, and sometimes I won’t. I realised some time ago, though, that this blog is more about connection than substance. I say this because some of my blog readers write to me when they’re concerned about me. It’s pretty wonderful. So these days, if people ask me if you can be friends with someone you have never met in person I would say Yes!

Yesterday it rained all day. Yesterday the patchy internet drove me crazy again, and Dave dropped me off at Hassop Station so I could use their Wi-Fi to work. I bought a hot chocolate and sat in a corner with my computer and notebook, and it reminded me how it felt to go out to work. I used to like going out to work on winter days.

If I can force myself out of the house when it’s raining, things always feel better.

I walked home along the muddy Trail and up the lane, where the drains were blocked with leaves, and I cleared them with a chunky stick. It was huge fun. (You know how I love clearing drains. You know how when I am famous and dead I am going to have a blue plaque on the biggest drain down the lane, saying Sue Hepworth, writer, cleared this drain every winter 1996 –  )  When I finally got home, drenched and exhilarated, I said to Dave - “I’m going to get my wellies on and take a spade and finish the job!”

But then I remembered the vacuuming, which also needed doing, and which is no fun at all.



marmee said...

the internet thing makes me feel like a junkie! when its unavailable and it SHOULD be there I get panic stricken! And for sure : rather the drain than the vacuum! At the moment my three year old grandson thinks its a treat to be allowed to use my vacuum : long may it last...

Sue Hepworth said...

That sounds like an excellent motto - Rather the drain than the vacuum!
I could have it printed on a T shirt.

Anonymous said...

We come to read what you write/share about your life, Sue. But do you enjoy writing for us? I hope so.

Sue Hepworth said...

Yes, I do!
It's just occasionally that I think - Oh dear, I have nothing to say. What shall I do?

lyn said...

I agree with you about the drain. Much more interesting than vacuuming or any other housework although I'm always glad when the housework is done. My favourite time is sitting down with coffee & a book after the housework is finished.

Sue Hepworth said...

Hi Lyn, do you know that quote - attributed to various people - "A work of art is never finished, only abandoned" ? That unfortunately, also applies to the housework at Hepworth Towers, which means I can never sit down with a coffee and a book and feel virtuous.